A serial entrepreneur, a great husband (so my wife tells me) and father of two blessed boys. I consider myself a deep thinker, holding heart-felt opinions on subjects which often run contrary to mainstream thinking. Spirituality, family, mastery, entrepreneurship, economics, real estate, wealth building, personal development, education, martial arts and Jazz music are my passions. I’m a wellbeing and quality of life advocate. I believe in the power of the mind and the importance of independent thought.

Here’s a few words others have used to described me; ambitious, bold, determined, personable, judgmental (really?) principled, kind, cheeky, and patient. As you can see, sugar-coating isn't something we do around here! It might not always be sweet, but the truth is what I seek!


Email: corysmithonline@gmail.com

It’s about being conscious, challenging conventional wisdom and living life on your terms; not being boxed in by other people’s perceptions of you and what you should be, do and have. Being your own person takes a tremendous amount of mental and spiritual fortitude and is the road less travelled! ‘Out Of My Mind’ is a play on words but also a "nod" to my experience and trials of being conscious and living life.  

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J.Cory Smith

CEO of My Own Life