HIS-STORY of CORY - Part 3 of 3

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

On my journey I was blessed to get the help I needed, like meeting my mysterious mentor (let’s call him “Sam”) in Berkeley Square, Mayfair in August 2007. Again, that day I was feeling extremely powerful, unstoppable and yes, invincible! I was having another ascension experience or "natural high". I'd burnt out the clutch on my metallic silver Golf GTI (that’s another story, for another time!) coming to an abrupt stop just outside the Porsche dealership! Sam, extremely cool, calm, and with a smile came to my aid; he was very interested to know why I was doing what I'd been doing! WOW! I was amazed! Who was this guy? How did he do that? (I was now feeling totally at ease) This was a few days before I was “Sectioned” for the second time.

I'd recently set up a new business, Able Smith & Young Real Estate Consultants Ltd, and had rented some virtual office and hub space in Mayfair. In May earlier that year I 'd been fortunate to go on a 10-day solo adventure, on the holiday of my dreams, to the St Lucia Jazz Festival 2007! I love sweet jazz music! St Lucia was all I'd dreamed and so, so much more! Beautiful beaches and crystal clear-blue ocean water. I felt like James Bond. Anyway! That was a previous life.........While on the Island I'd established a business relationship with the developer of The Landings St Lucia, to market and sell the project to high net-worth investors in London. Hence, I established myself in the most expensive location on the UK version of the Monopoly board-game, Mayfair.

Sam was the kind of mentor I’d visualized and had been searching for many years. There's a martial arts proverb (I've practised Muay Thai for nearly 20 years) that says "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Let’s just say he was connected to some “very big fish” and could answer my many perplexing questions; he also had access to the “resources” I would need to accomplish my dreams and visions. Sam was also in real estate, but bigger deals and at the time was running a £500m Central London property fund for Middle Eastern investors. He also knew the Tchenguiz Brothers; I read about them in the Estates Gazette 27th October 2007 publication "The Top 500 In Property", they were 21st on the list and worth £1bn. I was really, really "high" and in a state of flow! I was in the zone! For the uninitiated and as discussed in part 2, a crash and burn phenomenon can occur after an ascension experience, however not when you correctly apply Knowledgism Technology and Processes. The crash and burn phenomenon occurs when an ascension is not stabilised and handled correctly (Aha! I didn't know that at the time!).

So just like my previous ascension experience ("HIGH") in August 2004, I crashed and burned straight back to Park Royal Mental Health Centre for another lovely two or three month stay. While there, again I attempted an escape from Shore Ward, this time with another patient and so ended up back on Hawthorne Ward, the more secure unit. I was so drugged up (by nurses & psychiatrist) that I don’t remember that much or how long I was actually there! I wasn’t being very “compliant”, hence my heavy sedation. If you're aware how the psychiatry system operates and my personality, you’d probably understand.

Earlier that year around June or July 2007, after I'd returned from my antics in St Lucia, my girlfriend who I'd been seeing for about a year ended our relationship. This was mainly due to the muckraking of one my female friends from University, who I'd upset many, many years earlier; it’s a small world and women can silently hold grudges for a very, very, very long time!....Anyway, I also wanted to end the relationship, but I just couldn’t confront the situation! So I ran off into the St Lucian sun-shine instead! I WAS SO STRESSED OUT!!!

Why? You see, my girl-friend at the time had some minor health issues but had attempted suicide earlier that year, after informing her family that she’d been raped as a school-girl and by a man who lived near her and still did! Ironically I went with the young lady for her mental health assessment at Park Royal Hospital. The assessment was with a female Nigeria mental-health nurse called “Rose”. Rose was one of the nurses I'd met on Hawthorne Ward in August 2004. Oh nooo! PANIC! PANIC! She recognised me! But couldn’t quite place me saying: “Do I know you?” I said “I don’t think so!” (my girlfriend didn't know about my past mental health issues). At the time I didn’t realise the extent to which relationships and other people can have a dramatic positive and negative effect on a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing. So in August 2007, some months later, I found myself back in Park Royal myself. How crazy is that?

When I returned to work at Genesis Homes my teammates were very support, although I didn’t share much details with them, as you can imagine. I also had to move back home with my family and my wonderfully worried and controlling mother!...NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT! (I love my mum, but the truth is the truth) I’d previously been renting a lovely studio “bachelor” pad in Wembley, close to work. At the time I had terribly poor money-management skills! It was my own fault!

In April 2009 I left my full time job at Genesis Homes having personally sold more than 150 new-build, shared-ownership properties over a 3 year period to “sub-prime” clients...(shaking my head!) As a sales team of about 12, we sold over 1000 properties in that time! It was the height of delusion and irrational exuberance in the real estate and mortgage market, just before global financial melt down. We were selling properties like HOT CAKES! We had dozens of “Champagne Open Days” (or get them drunk before they buy) with Veuve Clicquot, Canapés, and M&S food platters. We could get 10 plus reservation cheques in a single day and sell-out a development!

One Saturday (when the bubble had finally burst), I had an open day for a new development scheme in East London, and no buyers showed up!

I binned about 15 platters of sandwiches! I didn’t know what do with them. I felt like crap. My mum’s voice was ringing in my ears, “Cory, don’t waste food! Children in Africa are starving!” At one of our show flats (Electron Tower) we had a hallway cupboard filled with the VC Champagne (my manager said, “Cory! Help yourself!”), so much so that I thought it was cheap champagne! (I wasn't interested) It’s only when I went out to a club and the champagne was on the bar menu for like £60, that I realised how expensive they were. At our office, we had a small room filled with “Genesis Homes” branded water and we couldn’t get rid of the stuff! The extent of the waste was phenomenal. Genesis was also doing a joint real estate development in Wembley Central with the Tchenguiz Brother's Rotch Property Group.

In early 2007 I realised that the "shared-ownership” dreams I was selling was a total scam! I'd read an article in the Financial Times by William Hill, who was Head of Schroder's Property Investment Management division; he gave me a clearer perspective. I started planning my exit to carry on full-time with my entrepreneurial journey. Subsequently In 2008 Genesis Housing Group almost went bankrupt and had to seek emergency funding from another housing association. Just before the The Great Recession, Genesis was estimated to have a land-bank worth nearly £1,000,000,000 (a billion pounds) which quickly evaporated, once the "true reality" hit home, pardon the pun! lol (I have a really dry sense of humour, just like Del boy from Only Fools and Horses.)

On leaving full time work my focus was on more intensive personal development. I'd had counselling with two psychotherapists, Dr Benjamin Fry (a Birthday gift from Mum) and another chap called "Rory" during 2008. I was starting to get a clearer and healthier perspective of my "mental health" issues. I continued to read self-help books; a great one I read in early 2009 was Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, By T. Harv Eker, which I learnt about after reading 50 Prosperity Classics. In the book Harv spoke and his experiential seminar Million Mind Intensive (MMI). It sounded fantastic! so I resolved to go to the seminar wherever it was.

Surreptitiously, the first 3-day MMI UK took place in London in April 2009, the same month I Exodus Genesis Homes! Hehehe..........! I also hired a peak performance coach from the Tony Robbins Company and was very fortunate to get none other than Jairek Robbins, the son of the Personal Development Guru Tony Robbins (he's not my Guru by the way!) Jairek and I had a fantastic 13 month coaching partnership. One of my main goals was to be totally free of medication for this "MADE UP" "bi-polar chemically unbalanced condition", that I had be diagnosed with. Truly thank God for Jairek. I didn't know what I was up against. The "forces against me" were so freaking strong.

As a result of going on the MMI event, I bought a 5-day experiential learning Train-The-Trainer and Sales and Leadership Mastery course, both taught by Blair Singer. Blair is one of the greatest teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with! He explained that people who are "Committed" or "Sectioned" to mental hospitals are often going through a very natural process, which is often misunderstood. Unfortunately the person is "medicated", which stops a necessary and important process from taking place. That process, transformation or metamorphosis can look very scary and chaotic to those who don't understand and don't know how to handle it! Fortunately Blair directed me to Ceil Stanford at the Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center and the superb technology developed Alan C Walter. I had finally found the answers I was looking for! And another fantastic book.....The Secrets to Increasing Your Power, Wealth and Happiness (or How to Unleash The Champion Hidden in You).

Towards the end of 2009, I reconnected with my mentor and we began working closely on numerous projects over the next 5 years with ultra-high net worth individuals, Heads of State and various royal families, e.g. selling two apartments in Mayfair for over £15m, £10m exit from a stake in a digital-signage company, re-structuring of brand-new private hospital near Harley Street, and dozens of other projects of various sizes. A few of the projects I’m most proud of are, my work with The Book Foundation - creation of The Message of the Quran ipad app and digitally publishing The Road to Mecca; helping to re-establish 8th St Marylebone Scout Group; co-founding the London Psychology Reading Group with my good friend Morgan and helping to set up Revo Seccus, a youth enterprise agency in the area in which I grew up; teaching a course in selling and negotiation at Kingston, my old University

During this time I developed a cosmic bond with one of the members of The House of Alireza (also known as Beit Zainal), the oldest family business in Saudi Arabia, with a history dating back over a century and a half. My business relationships had bought me into contact with Islam and I subsequently reverted (converted) sometime in 2011. A quick-snip circumcision in November, followed by a 30-day stay in....yes, you guessed it! Park Royal MHC towards the end of 2011 and over the Christmas. Can you guess why?

Around March 2011 I had another massive relationship break-down! This time my fiancee and I ended our engagement. My coming off the medication also meant ending the relationship. I had to make a choice, literally Red Pill or Blue Pill...I WANTED MY FREEDOM SO BADLY!!!...More than I loved her. I was absolutely devastated. AGAIN! How many times would I have to go through this PAIN!?! My Grandma had some wise and truthful words for me, she said "Cory, you keep choosing the wrong ones!" Oh my God! She was so RIGHT! The truth hurt like crazy. I was responsible. I broke a vow that I made to myself at age 21, after reading chapter 11 of Think and Grow Rich; NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE! I failed at it miserably, yet fantastically for over 10 years! Simply a lack of self-control and discipline. Simply? Really? SEX IS A POWERFUL MIND DE-STABILIZER, if not properly harnessed.

Beyonce and Jay-z’s daughter, Blue-Ivy was born while I was in the hospital! Awwwwww! I remember watching Beyonce's "Love on Top" music video while in Hawthorne Ward; I was talking to one of the nurses, Junior; he was a great guy! Super friendly and caring.

I knew Junior and his brothers from back in the day. We were watching the video together, I asked him "Do you think Beyonce really loves him (Jay-z)?" He said "Yes definitely, she really loves him!"

That song really gave me hope. Could I ever find another women who would feel for me and love me like that? My three "broken hearts" started to heal. I really started to recover my trapped life force particles and quickly!

I hired a brilliant mental health lawyer to get me out this time! Wow, she was like 8 months pregnant and came to see me on a secure mental health ward, I couldn’t believe it! Can you? I signed the paperwork and she instructed me on what to say to the First-Tier Tribunal and the independent psychiatrist who was reviewing my appeal against being sectioned. I won my freedom and I was outtathere a few days later!....PHEW!! FREEDOM!!! It’s so lovely to be FREE!

A new chapter of my life had begun; surprisingly it was in Chapter 9 – “PERSISTENCE” (8th Step Toward Riches.....Sustained Effort Necessary to Induce Faith) in Think and Grow Rich, the book I’d started studying in 2002 that had truly opened my mind to Islam. Napoleon Hill, the author of TGR introduced me to the Prophet Mohammed and his mission to unite the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism and Christianity. THE LAST GREAT PROPHET, Reviewed by Thomas Sugrue. It was printed in the Herald-Tribune in the 1930s and is fully quoted in Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich:

"Mohammed was a prophet, but he never performed a miracle. He was not a mystic; he had no formal schooling; he did not begin his mission until he was forty. When he announced that he was the Messenger of God, bringing word of the true religion, he was ridiculed and labeled a lunatic. Children tripped him and women threw filth upon him. He was banished from his native city, Mecca, and his followers were stripped of their worldly goods and sent into the desert after him. When he had been preaching ten years he had nothing to show for it but banishment, poverty and ridicule. Yet before another ten years had passed, he was dictator of all Arabia, ruler of Mecca, and the head of a New World religion which was to sweep to the Danube and the Pyrenees before exhausting the impetus he gave it. That impetus was three-fold: the power of words, the efficacy of prayer and man's kinship with God.

"The rise of Islam began. Out of the desert came a flame which would not be extinguished--a democratic army fighting as a unit and prepared to die without wincing. Mohammed had invited the Jews and Christians to join him; for he was not building a new religion. He was calling all who believed in one God to join in a single faith. If the Jews and Christians had accepted his invitation Islam would have conquered the world.” – Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

Islam was not a new religion, just the final iteration of the religion that had existed for thousands of years, since the beginning of time; monotheism, the worship of the One God. From reading the Quran, which seemed just like my Bible, I now fully understood why I had left my Church back in August 2004. Everything was starting to fall into place for me! I would compare The Torah, The New Testament, and The Quran to the subsequent versions of the Windows Operating System (a bit crude, I know!); it’s the same! It’s just that all the bugs have been worked in this final version and it’s incorruptible. For me personally, there are no contradictions, God’s work is impeccable!

In March 2012 (3 months after my release) I met the most spiritually amazing, beautiful and smartest women!

I swiftly married her in November that same year; she is the wife of my dreams and also a revert (convert) to Islam! She is my Soul-mate and God has blessed us with two amazing boys and counting!

Over the last 5 years my work has been focused on improving the wellbeing and quality of life of residents in London, working with the teams of Savills, Knight Frank, Harrods Asset Management, Exemplar, The Berkeley Group, and over 50 other managing agents, house builders and developers. I’ve acquired deep "hands-on" (getting my hands dirty) building and estate management knowledge and experience of over 70 high-end developments (ranging from 6-1000 homes, between £300k-£65m each) across London; in essence being in flow and mastering the art of managing people in residential buildings, while caring for the real estate assets of high-net worth individuals. I've helped, empowered and positively influenced many, many, many millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, VIPs, top executives and government ministers, from all over the world in their homes across London. Why are the rich getting richer? Do you remember from part 1 of 3? I grew up on notorious, crime-ridden housing estates only a few miles away.

London Viventium Group is the business I'm currently developing with my team; our mission is to improve wellbeing and quality of life of residence, creating a sustainable return for investors.

Our business is in its embryonic stages; we're in the process of putting together a championship team to consistently win at this game. We believe that our deeply principled mission will be the basis of our enduring success, with the business being founded against the backdrop of what we believe is a dysfunctional economic system, which is highly unstable and unsustainable. We seek to partner with "conscious-minded" investors, who have an understanding of the oppressive and destructive nature of the current global monetary, banking and real estate system, and want to commit to helping free their fellow human beings from this oppression. For me it's no longer about the money, it's about the money we use and how it's negatively impacting all of us.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank my family and friends (past and present), Grandmaster Sken, Kru Lassel, Kru Bryan, and Kru Noel of Krisana Muay Thai. The help of amazing transformational teacher and leader Blair Singer; Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Jairek Robbins and the Tony Robbins Organisation, Ceil Standford of Advance Coaching Leadership Center, and my numerous counsellors, teachers and mentors. My His-Story is still being written. Join me for the rest of the journey! Can you handle it? :)

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