Short Story - Read by Cory Smith


The idea for 18 Years a Slave was inspired by the story of 12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup. 18 Years a Slave is a slightly humorous twist on this story, about how I was unknowingly sold on the idea of a different form of slavery, that of being enslaved to debt and interest, due to my own ignorance and short-sightedness. Originally published as a blog post, this audio version has been updated and extended for your listening pleasure.


It is my hope that you'll:


  • Be able to learn from my experience.
  • Be empowered to ask new questions.
  • Gain a better understanding of the financial system.
  • Learn how to gain your freedom.


You'll also:


  • Learn about the gold market.
  • Discover why gold and silver are really God's money.
  • Discover what is more valuable than gold.
  • Be introduced to the concept of life force particles.


By Cory Smith




Audio - 18 Years a Slave - Student Loans, Gold Chains and Digital Slavery

  • Length - 21 minutes